Flowing minds at the 2nd Startup Weekend in Zurich


A crowd of inspired, idea-driven folks got together last week (from November 1st through 3rd) in for Zurich’s second Startup Weekend. Thanks to the organizers Silvan Leibacher, Melanie Kovacs, Dejan Juric and Fabio Kunz the racing minds of the attendees could fully expand at the Impact Hub – one of Zurich‘s hip co-working spaces. Here’s a summary of the ideas chosen by the audience, and rigorously worked on for 48 hours.

By the way, some of the videos below were shot in this little telephone booth.

photo booth 004

Not a minute, but 30 seconds. That’s all the time each attendee had to present their gems on Friday evening, of which around twenty-five were pitched. Then Silvan struck the gong, and the pitching gave way to chatter: presenters promoted their ideas to other guests on a more personal level. Questions were asked, thoughts were shared, minds stretched. Finally, ten ideas were chosen by the community. Here they are:

Park Pay was first presented as “parking mobile app” – finding a good name is often a big challenge at Startup Weekend. The team approached a daily source of irritation for every car owner: feeding parking meters. Park Pay eliminates the need to carry loads of coins, or even debit cards, along with the panic caused by not having them at hand when needed. Using geolocation, the app recognizes public parking lots and allows users to pay via smartphone.

Watch the video: Maria about Park Pay


“Make your life a game with Google Glass,” that’s how Deby described her idea. Life. The Game is specifically designed for Glass, Google’s ever-so-hyped newborn. The device suggests activities, which users can pick, perform, take pictures of and ultimately, get rewards for.

Watch the video: Deby about Life. The Game


Last Minute Meal was the initial idea of Luca Bettini, who complained that too much edible food ends up in the trash. “Wouldn‘t it be great,” he said, “if restaurants offered discounted meals when [perfectly edible] ingredients were to be thrown away?” By Saturday, it became clear that restaurant owners would not applaud this idea, and so after much sweat and deliberation, the group came up with Take It – an app which tells you where to find the best takeaway restaurants nearby.

Watch the video: Luca about Last Minute Meal


But who wants to eat expired food or delivery pizza when you could be a member of the exclusive club Garçon? The word “exclusive” was indeed the team’s mantra. Everything about the app, which aims to turn plain old lunch into a prestigious event, is exclusive, including membership–limited to 150 lucky folks in Zurich. Members can choose, order and pay for their meal through the app, which is served immediately upon arrival at the restaurant. Fancy that!

Watch the video: Delaia about Garçon


One common fact to most Startup Weekends, is that attendants come from everywhere. And many of them come up with solutions for problems specific to their countries. That is the case with Fahrgötti. The platform connects seasoned drivers, who own a car, with beginners who need more driving experience to pass the exam. Traditionally, the Swiss save money on driving lessons by making their moms and dads, aunts or grandpas a “Fahrgötti” – literally “driving godparent” (how cool is that?!). But what if none of the family members has time to tutor their “not-so-good-at-driving godchild?” This is where the app kicks in, not only to educate, but also foster a connection between generations.

Watch the video: Kevin about Instant Drive


Watch the video: Léonard and Milan about Fahrgötti

Milan and Leonard

Another intergenerational social platform may be described as “couchsurfing for grannies.” A twenty-something pretending to be in his sixties argued that senior citizens would love to have party-loving teens crash at their place: they have the space, the stories and are bored enough to let strangers through their doors. Traveling youngsters on the other side were all about listening to the local tales and being pampered by some nice grannies. Voyage aims to bring them together.

“It‘s Show Time!” proclaimed Ev Klausing with shiny eyes. She referred to her team‘s idea of an app that tells users what to wear, and how to wear it. It does so by taking into consideration not only the clothes in your wardrobe, but also products from thousands of stores. You are the proud owner of a white silk blouse, but need some fancy pants (no pun intended) for a business dinner? Let Show Time find it for you.

Whereas Show Time pleases the secret hoarder in you, the app 1in-1out helps to let go of stuff. The app motivates you to consume less by reminding you to give something away whenever you buy something new. To make things easier, you can sell items you own right from the app‘s marketplace.

Next, with a concept quite different from the previous ones, was Snowbird. This idea was born out of the urgent need for more secure methods of communication. The exact workings of this app are very technical and a bit hard to grasp, but suffice to say it would completely lock the NSA out by using cryptographic keys shared only between trustful parties.

Last but by far not least, the grand winner of this year‘s Startup Weekend Zurich, DATAnext wants to be the alternative to data management tools like Excel by helping investment managers with data analysis and visualizations. The economic crisis has shown that hedge fund managers have problems to understand those complicated spreadsheets themselves. DATAnext wants to change that by providing a solution which makes it easy to create fact sheets, infographics, etc.

Watch the video: Karsten about DATAnext


Watch here what the DATAnext team is going to do next!

We hope the creativity of these smart folks have inspired you to come up with some of your own. And if so, please join us next year and pitch!

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